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"Therefore be imitators of God as dear children. And walk in love, as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet-smelling aroma"
~ Ephesians 5:1-2

10 Lessons from an Atheist

by Carl Kerby

When faced with the mocking rants of atheists and God-haters, our natural temptation is to dismiss them as ignorant bigots or to get angry. But that’s not Christ’s way. Christians who follow the Lamb’s example will find His Spirit shedding light in the most unexpected places.

Recently I was asked to watch a TV show that I would otherwise never have turned to. The show is hosted by two illusionists, Penn & Teller. Talented but very crude.
I reluctantly viewed two episodes poking fun at creationists and the Bible. My goal was to pull out their specific arguments and prepare responses that I could use in my worldview talks at churches and conferences.
Afterward I wanted nothing more to do with this program or these men. Their blatant disrespect for the Bible and my Savior angered me. To be honest, I was hardhearted toward them and said in my mind, “If I were ever to see them, I would walk right by and not say a word.” I felt justified in this attitude because the Bible tells us in Matthew 7:6, “Do not . . . cast your pearls before swine.”

“These guys are just big pigs!” I thought. How wrong I was! Shortly after evaluating this program I saw another short video where Penn (full name, Penn Jillette) shares about his encounter with a Christian man who gave him a gift after one of his shows.

Following are excerpts and some valuable lessons about how to share our faith with an atheist.

Lesson 1

“At the end of the show . . . we talk to folks, . . . sign the occasional autograph, shake hands, and so on. And there was one guy waiting over to the side . . . . He walked over to me and he said, ‘I was here last night at the show . . . and I liked it.’”

He was there the night before and came back. How many times have we passed up an opportunity to share the gospel with someone? Remember this, we can usually go back.

Lesson 2

“He was very complimentary about my use of language and complimentary about—you know—honesty and stuff. He said nice stuff.”

The Christian complimented the atheist’s gifts instead of attacking his weaknesses.

Lesson 3

“And then he said, ‘I brought this for you.’ And he handed me a Gideon pocket edition. I thought it said from the New Testament, but I also thought it . . . Psalms is from the New Testament, right?”

I can see you chuckling now, but don’t mock. Anyone could easily misspeak. Even if your listener doesn’t know that Psalms isn’t in the New Testament, he deserves patience and respect.

Lesson 4

“He said, ‘I wrote in the front of it. And I wanted you to have this. I’m kind of proselytizing.’”

This Christian man wasn’t intimidated. He opened his mouth and shared his faith, knowing how Penn felt about Christians and the Bible. Oh, how we need such boldness!

Lesson 5

“And then he said, ‘I’m a businessman. I’m sane. I’m not crazy.’ And he looked me right in the eye and did all of this.”

It’s so important that we take the time to look people in the eye, be sincere, and speak the truth in love. If you’re like me, you’re thinking, “He handed him a Bible? Penn’s going to tear this guy apart.”

Read how Penn responded:

“And it was really wonderful.”

Wow! I’m so embarrassed. I wouldn’t have spoken with this foul-mouthed atheist, much less given him a Bible. Penn was encouraged by this man’s boldness.

Lesson 6, 7, 8

“But he was not defensive, and he looked me right in the eyes. And he was truly complimentary. He wasn’t in any way—it didn’t seem like empty flattery. He was really kind and nice and sane and looked me in the eyes, and talked to me and then gave me this Bible.”

He wasn’t defensive or attacking.
Did you notice the phrase “he looked me in the eyes” repeated three times? This is so important.
He talked “to” him, not “at” him. Yes, there is a major difference.

Lesson 9

“This guy was a really good guy. He was polite and honest and sane, and he cared enough about me to proselytize and give me a Bible, [and he] had written in it a little note to me.”

Check your motivations! This man cared, and it came through clearly. If the Christian’s motivation had been to show the atheist how wrong he was or to just win an argument, those motives would have been just as clear.

Lesson 10

“I know there’s no God. And one polite person living his life right doesn’t change that.”

How about two, three, maybe four people living right? What if every Christian exuded this type of concern? Even though Penn didn’t “convert,” that’s not our concern. Our job is not to convict or convert. That is the Holy Spirit’s job. Our job is to converse (Mark 16:15). Christians must become more visible in the culture. We’ve been hiding our light under a basket far too long.

Please read and reread Penn’s last quote carefully.

“If you believe that there’s a heaven and hell and people could be going to hell—or not getting eternal life or whatever—and you think that, well, it’s not really worth telling them this because it would make it socially awkward. . . . How much do you have to hate somebody to not proselytize? How much do you have to hate somebody to believe that everlasting life is possible and not tell them that?”

As part of my talks all across America, I now show footage from this interview with Penn. This message needs to be preached in pulpits everywhere. If we say we love Jesus with our mouths, our actions should also reflect that love. To quote a friend, “Jesus paid much too high a price for us to pick and choose who should hear the gospel” (Romans 10:14-15).

Be bold!


:bulletgreen: 10 Lessons from an Atheist taken from
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You are beautiful, and god loves you. He believes in you. Even if you sinned ever he would forgive you and continue to love you. You are an amazing person, and god put you on this earth for a reason. And if you ever feel like you're nothing, just keep going and know you aren't. You are the greatest person to some people, keep smiling, lift your head up high, and know you are loved.

God will always love you <33

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I'm an athiest and one of my parents doesn't like that , any suggestions on having faith in god or something ?
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So this year has been ... strange I guess? A close friend died, and then someone who was not so much a friend died, and now someone who I only knew online died as well due to cancer.

I always feel hypocritical suddenly looking to god because I'm afraid of death, or 'remembering my religion' because of that sort of thing. And now I'm so anxious about my own health, my own worth and anything, and I know most of my sadness is all for selfish reason. I realize just how self-centered I am, and how flimsy my foundation in god is. Something needs to change, annd I'll try talking to Him more.

Just wanted to say that
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I just thought I'd say something, with ISIS being everywhere in the news these days. 

I think our first response should be love and concern for ISIS, because they are our future brothers in Christ.

Second of all, we shouldn't wish death on ISIS because Jesus has already died for them.

Thirdly, don't hate them. If we hate them, we will become like them, instead of them becoming like us. They want us to hate them, and if we give into that, we lose and the devil wins.

We can be angry at what they're doing, I know I am, but I also want them to come home. No soul is un-savable, Christ died for all.
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One of my best friends on DA phbeks just sent me a note and said he is in the Hospital because there is something serious with his heart and it's not looking good. I am asking for prayers on his behalf. He was born with 2 rare genetic disorders which are even rarer to have together. Even though he struggles some days to even get around he still tries to be active and go out taking photos. He's got a heart of an artist and is a wonderful friend. Please if you see this and can pray or repost this journal I beg of you please do. All prayers and good thoughts accepted no matter what.
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