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Submitted on
July 30, 2008


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Weekly Devotionals

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 30, 2008, 11:31 AM

Every day will I bless thee; and I will praise thy name for ever and ever.~Psalm 145:2  :dalove:

Every weekend we will post a devotional. If you have a devotional you would like us to post send us a note

Available in English and Spanish!


:bulletgreen: August 21: A Weapon Forged by God Himself

:bulletgreen: August 28: Never Stops Loving you (by SilentFang556)

:bulletgreen: September 4: Know What You Believe

:bulletgreen: September 11: When Fisherman Don't Fish

:bulletgreen: September 18: Feeling Alone...judged maybe? (by SilentFang556)

:bulletgreen: September 25: What difference will my work make?

:bulletgreen: October 2: Walking by Faith

:bulletgreen: October 9: Unraveling Worry From Our Life

:bulletgreen: October 16: Nobody Cares What your Dad thinks

:bulletgreen: October 23: Whit Jesus at our Side

:bulletgreen: November 6: I Was Holding Your Hand

:bulletgreen: November 21: Our Heavenly Father

:bulletgreen: December 4: What Brown Did for Them

:bulletgreen: December 18: The Secret of Spiritual Victory

:bulletred: December 25: Holiday or Holy day ~Merry CHRISTmas :iconchristmascandyplz:


:bulletgreen: January 1: Happy New Year

:bulletgreen: January 15: I Am the Way and the Truth and the Life

:bulletgreen: January 22: No Worries

:bulletgreen: February 5: Staying Close to the Almighty

:bulletgreen: February 12:

:bulletgreen: February 19: The Body of Christ

:bulletgreen: March 5: Who Owns It All?

:bulletgreen: March 19: Living Above Circumstances

:bulletgreen: April 2: Our Needs

:bulletgreen: April 9: Enduring Satanic Attacks

:bulletgreen: April 16: Thoughtful Living

:bulletgreen: April 23: Finished!

:bulletgreen: April 30: The Power Within

:bulletgreen: Sunday May 8: The Service of Motherhood Happy Mother's day!! :love:

:bulletgreen: May 28: Why Does God Allow Evil?

:bulletgreen: June 4: Unshakeable

:bulletgreen: June 11: The Mind of Christ

:bulletgreen: June 18: Following the Father's Example Happy Father's day!! :love:

:bulletgreen: July 2: Waiting for Answers to Prayer

:bulletgreen: July 9: Freedom in Christ

:bulletgreen: July 16: Questions in Times of Great Disaster

:bulletgreen: July 23: That Nagging Sense of Dissatisfaction

:bulletgreen: July 30: The High Cost of Wavering Faith


:bulletgreen: February 19: Grounded in Truth

:bulletgreen: March 17: The Lure of Momentary Pleasure

:bulletgreen: March 24: The Priority of Relationship

:bulletgreen: March 31: Acquiring Great Faith

:bulletgreen: April 8: He is the Risen Christ Who Knows Us by Name!

:bulletgreen: April 15: The Value of Seeking the Lord

:bulletgreen: April 21 The God who Forgives

:bulletgreen: May 5 Do Not Neglect Your Spiritual Gift

:bulletgreen: May 13 Choosing to Believe

:bulletgreen: May 19 Impossible Love Made Possible

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